Favourite parts of my week

Dan's first night at Beavers.
Hearing the words "Hands together eyes closed" for the first time in about 20 years.
Reaching the top F in Rutter's The Lord Bless You And Keep You.
Bets face when I picked her up today.
Kicking my boss' ass when she was rude to me on Wednesday.
Dan's friend delighted that he's spending the whole weekend. 



I am not particularly house proud. Actually that's not strictly true. I would like to BE house proud however the simple fact of living in a house with two small children,  my horribly untidy husband, the associated friends, family and pets who traipse in and out randomly plus my working and the need for me to sleep at some point has caused to re evaluate my standards. We live in mess.  I try to hoover regularly, dust occasionally and tidy up when I have a spare 5 minutes. 


Today is different.  Today I have taken a day off work specifically to clean. My aunt and uncle are up from London today and wi be stopping on their way home to see the children (and me because I just happen to be there). I do not care what they think of my house and the state thereof. 


Why then, I hear you ask, why are you cleaning your house? Because I do care what they think of my mother and would not want them to think she had raised a daughter who did not know how to keep her house clean. It has just occurred to me that that is a very old fashioned sentiment. 


But tomorrow it will look like my house again. A tip. Hurrah!


Actually I may take some pictures of the tidy house so I can give them to Glenn and say "your turn to do the housework.  Make it look like this! "


Go Go Gorillas

Final day for the gorilla trail so Dan and I were up early (ish) so we could do the gorillas we hadn't seen. the included Optimus Primate, Iron Ape, Bat Grill and the Aped Crusader.  Photos below. And in case you're wondering Dan was dressed smartly as he was pretending to be The Doctor.


























While you were at WriterCon...

I went gorilla hunting.  I also made the mistake of watching MI: Ghost Protocol and ended up having a very odd dream about trying to break into WriterCon. Whilst singing some music from Les Mis. I'm holding the Kingfisher beer I had last night accountable.  Hope you all had a good time and was mildly amused that the lack of wi-fi forced you all to talk to each other...


The Gorilla hunt has also turned into
"How many ways can you pose by a Gorilla?  Trail"

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Doctor Who - some thoughts

The truth is that I think the BBC are ruining Doctor Who.

I've been a fan for a very long time.  Peter Davison was my Doctor and although I can't really remember much about him as a Doctor he was MY Doctor. My first. Dan has recently discovered Doctor Who and his Doctor is Matt Smith which I couldn't be more delighted about. He is the proud owner of a sonic screwdriver after saving his pocket money up for 5 weeks and he runs around the house with a bow tie on. Lord knows what would happen if I let him have a fez.  BT Vision have put the new series with Christopher Eccleston and the first season of David Tennant on their On Demand service so we have started watching our way through that. I had forgotten how much I loved Christopher Eccleston as Nine and yes, Billie Piper was very chavvy but RTD used her in the right way, leading us into the Doctor's life and she was so ... normal. So chavvy. There was none of this angst ridden emo that has seemed to dog the Doctor's footsteps since Christopher Eccleston stepped down. Yes he was angst ridden too but really? Was I the only one that felt that RTD was flogging the space where the dead horse used to be?

I was heartbroken when Eccleston stepped down, deeply dubious when they cast Tennant and yes. OK. He was a good Doctor. But he was not the only Doctor and I am so cross that the writers have hauled him and Rose back for this 50th anniversary thing. I want to say to them Have faith in your series and in your writing. Tennant was extremely successful as the Doctor but please, let's move on. Rose in The Stolen Earth and Journey's End frankly needed a bit of a slap and those teeth! All I could see were those teeth!  I was glad when Tennant moved on and oh, how I loved Matt Smith. He was brilliant and although Peter Davison will always be my first I cannot see how anyone could top Matt Smith.

I don't know much about Peter Capaldi other than what I've seen from Doctor Who and Torchwood but I'm willing to enjoy his Doctor as much as I've enjoyed all the others. I'm willing to knock Matt Smith off my personal top spot if I think Capaldi merits it but I think he will always be marred by this dreadful "big reveal" with Zoe whatserface from Strictly desperately trying to stir up enthusiasm for an entire hour. Seriously? Could they not have just done the reveal at the end of the Christmas episode? Why did we have to endure wall to wall headlines, nightmare reporting on the kind of scale that you'd think there'd just been a Royal baby. It's ridiculous and I'm cross. Why did I have to put up with people asking why Rose or River couldn't be the new Doctor, why couldn't the new Doctor be female, as a woman surely I should want the new Doctor to be female!

All this tripe about how many renegerations he has left, female, male, black, white, old, young. Just let the casting be what it will be. I want to be surprised, swept away, entranced and seduced just as I have been throughout all of the "new" series (yes even by Tennant). Of course I have my preferences but I don't feel the need to shove them down everyone's throat and this massive media storm has just irritated the hell out of me. Does Capaldi know what he has taken on? I hope so. Does he realise how entrenched the Doctor is in people's childhoods, a character that isn't real but comes and saves the day and has higher moral standards than everyone else except when it suits him and he can blow up everything. No second chances remember, he's that sort of a man. Is Capaldi going to toe the BBC line? Make no mistake there is one and in encompasses everything from the series itself to marketing, Children In Need, fan conventions and of course gossip mongerers like the Daily Mail.

I guess the only thing to do is to wait and see.  Come on then Mr Capaldi - show me what you've got.

Gorilla Hunt

Took Dan and my nephew Brayden to the theatre this evening to see Sinbad and the Pirate Curse. Really well done production by the Theatre Royal Youth Company. The Grand Vizier stole the show with the Genie of the Ring running a close second. The show finished at a reasonable time so took the boys to see the nearby gorillas.




And the lovely artwork on the side of one of them. ..