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It's been a long week and these have lifted my heart...


My Dan and Bets watching Night Garden.

My new shoes. Why yes they do have 5 inch heels.


The 5 minutes that Bets tolerates wearing a tutu. She spent the next 10 minutes wandering round in her pants.


Rather scarily this is my hubby aged 7.  Not much of a family resemblance!

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What a lovely smiley picture that one of Bets in the tutu is. Beautiful. And only the colours of that last photo clued me in to the fact that it wasn't Dan - definitely his father's son.

Oh my isn't Dan like his dad? But Bets is going to look more like you, I think - there is something very familiar about the expression in the one of in the tutu.

Those heels are a clear sign that you are still young :)

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