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Dream come true

Following my audition on 21 February today I was offered a full Diocesan Organ Scholarship which gives me 3 years organ tuition paid for by the local Diocese.


And now I will have no life for the next 3 years but I don't care. Because I have my scholarship,  something I've worked for and now I have it.


Oh holy crap.....

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That's fabulous news! (Saw your tweet, couldn't tell in that space just how daunted you were by something this massive, but it sounds like you'll get through somehow. Amazingly well done!)

I'm delighted but terrified. But mostly delighted.  I'll be happier in June when I've got some tuition under my belt and the routine in place. 

That's fantastic! Well done!

Does your local church have an organist? When I'm better (a LOT better!) I can come and do a guest spot *lol*

It is. I will have no life though but who cares :-D

That is wonderfully cool! Well done!!

It is. I'm doing the dance of joy.


I'm just a tiny weeny bit pleased. YAY!

I have a suspicion that it's your birthday about now? Am I wrong?
If so, here's wishing you a very happy day.

Fantastic news, congratulations.

It is indeed my birthday today. Thank you :-D

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