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catch up

Dan got invested as a Beaver Scout. Said his promise so sincerely. Melted my cynical heart.


Betsy turned 1 last week. I've had an amazing and brilliant year with her. May there be many more.


Discovered that a very eminent and wrll respected barrister "thinks a great deal of me". *blushes happily*


Can't get into Atlantis. I have tried but it's not happening.


Life is.good.


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Well done that young man!

And doesn't Betsy look like him?

As for the barrister - those positive strokes really do mean a lot, don't they?

They have moments when they look really similar and moments when they really don't. She is very funny though. She's up and is very handy at getting round the furniture and starting to take steps on her own. she and Dan are both eating me out of house and home.

Wow that year went FAST!!!!

It really did. Admittedly half the time I don't know what day it is but y'know....

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