May 21st, 2016


I would walk 500 miles...

Well not walk. Train yes. It is our friend's surprise 40th party this weekend in Edinburgh so we have abandoned the kids to thenin laws (ignoring mute appeal on son's face) and headed north. The train was journey was straightforward and speedy and certainly a massive improvement on driving. The only downside was the A/C in our carriage was broken so with the sun streaming into the window next to me, the carriage was unpleasantly hot. Virgin Trains dolled out apologies and water and did the best they could in the circumstances.

We're staying in tue guest accommodation at Edinburgh Uni which is cheap and cheerful and quite easy to get to - 10 minutes on bus and 20 minute walk. The breakfast spread was amazing - Glenn had haggis with his fry up!

Hearty breakfast done we set off to walk it off and decided to walk through Holyrood Gardens and then climb Arthur's Seat. I'm not sure my quads and feet will forgive me. We do not have hills in Norfolk.

It was amazingly windy and sunny and having scaled the Seat right to the trig point at the top I nearly got blown off!

We decided to carry on walking into town after descending the Seat so walked round to Holyrood Palace and then along the Royal Mile to find a pub. Much to our surprise it's quite hard to find a decent pub in the centre of Edinburgh. Eventually we found one which was full of vicars. Turned out we were in the pub next to the Church of Scotland General Assembly and everyone had justcast their vote on same sex marriages for priests. They all looked very much in need of a drink.

Back at the guesthouse now for chill out time before dinner then party. Yay!

Blown away at the very top.