I would walk 500 miles...

Well not walk. Train yes. It is our friend's surprise 40th party this weekend in Edinburgh so we have abandoned the kids to thenin laws (ignoring mute appeal on son's face) and headed north. The train was journey was straightforward and speedy and certainly a massive improvement on driving. The only downside was the A/C in our carriage was broken so with the sun streaming into the window next to me, the carriage was unpleasantly hot. Virgin Trains dolled out apologies and water and did the best they could in the circumstances.

We're staying in tue guest accommodation at Edinburgh Uni which is cheap and cheerful and quite easy to get to - 10 minutes on bus and 20 minute walk. The breakfast spread was amazing - Glenn had haggis with his fry up!

Hearty breakfast done we set off to walk it off and decided to walk through Holyrood Gardens and then climb Arthur's Seat. I'm not sure my quads and feet will forgive me. We do not have hills in Norfolk.

It was amazingly windy and sunny and having scaled the Seat right to the trig point at the top I nearly got blown off!

We decided to carry on walking into town after descending the Seat so walked round to Holyrood Palace and then along the Royal Mile to find a pub. Much to our surprise it's quite hard to find a decent pub in the centre of Edinburgh. Eventually we found one which was full of vicars. Turned out we were in the pub next to the Church of Scotland General Assembly and everyone had justcast their vote on same sex marriages for priests. They all looked very much in need of a drink.

Back at the guesthouse now for chill out time before dinner then party. Yay!

Blown away at the very top.


Helpless laughter

Unexpected highlight of my evening.

Hugh Jackman reading AO3 fic summaries for Michael Fassbender/James Macavoy fic on the Graham Norton show. While sitting next to Michael Fassbender and James Macavoy.

*sobbing with laughter*



Bemused to find myself in March. Wasn't it just January?  Dan will be 7 on Tuesday and this year I bit the bullet and blew £120 on a party for him at our local laser gun place. Had some misgivings but actually turned out to be worth every penny. They provide invites, food, drink, party bags and obviously the laser games. All we had to do was turn up with Dan and the cake and hang out for 2 hours, supervise the pizza and ice cream eating and then come home. No setting up,  no balloons,  no tidying,  no washing up.  Definitely what I would call a win. The staff were brilliant,  really understanding when 2 of Dan's friends didn't turn up (I had to text to find out if they were coming and one didn't even bother to contact me at all!) and didn't charge us. We'll be there every year!


First organ lesson last Wednesday which was nerve racking but brilliant. I feel I am slowly getting bits of me back that I had lost.


Church was difficult today. My mum's attitude to me over my life has been something that I had learned to deal with, ignore or make excuses for.  Unfortunately at the age of 36 I have had the realisation that there are no more excuses to be made. That this is a wound I've been carrying around for a very long time and now I need to deal with it so I can be a good mum myself.  Laurie's sermon today was the equivalent of sticking a long sharp needle right into the middle of this wound, as though lancing a blister,  and emotionally I'm still reeling from it. My plan is to go and spend some quality time with the organ tomorrow and work through how I feel. 


Hubby and I have been watching our way through season 5 of Castle and for the first time in ages I have the urge to write. The urge but not the time!


And finally. ..




It's been a long week and these have lifted my heart...


My Dan and Bets watching Night Garden.

My new shoes. Why yes they do have 5 inch heels.


The 5 minutes that Bets tolerates wearing a tutu. She spent the next 10 minutes wandering round in her pants.


Rather scarily this is my hubby aged 7.  Not much of a family resemblance!


Dream come true

Following my audition on 21 February today I was offered a full Diocesan Organ Scholarship which gives me 3 years organ tuition paid for by the local Diocese.


And now I will have no life for the next 3 years but I don't care. Because I have my scholarship,  something I've worked for and now I have it.


Oh holy crap.....


A Christmas Carol

Dan's school were very adventurous this year and stepped away from the the usual nativity and opted for A Christmas Carol. the kids have been learning about Charles Dickens and Christmas customs and the play performed by the Year 1s and 2s was the culmination of this topic. The script was heavily based on Muppet Christmas Carol but not in the least dumbed down. The children who wanted speaking parts had to audition and the teachers cast the parts after seeing them. Every child who wanted a speaking part got something. Dan was cast as Fred Scrooge and got his script which he learned  very quickly. The children were also put into small groups and had songs to sing. I could never have believed that a group of 5 to 7 year olds could do an hour's production of A Christmas Carol to the level they did. We had crying parents and crying teachers and it was amazing.  Two of the teachers painted some backdrops,  props were sourced, costumes made, sound effects and lighting prepared. And it was truly amazing.  I am so grateful Dan is at Lionwood, the school generally thought to be crap because the estate kids go there and everyone knows they couldn't possibly do something like that (sarcasm).


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The other good thing is that photography during the performance was banned which meant nothing distracting the children and all the parents' attention on the children.


Love Lionwood.


Lionwood Christmas Carol

Dan's school this year have decided to do A Christmas Carol for the Year 2s and Dan to his delight has been cast as Scrooge's nephew Fred. We have a proper script and we're rehearsing every night. Fortunately the script is heavily based on The Muppet Christmas Carol which Dan loves so it's not too onerous. On the other hand if we have to do the "It's good to be heckling again! " lines anymore I may scream. It's all very exciting and Dan is throwing himself into the role although deeply embarrassed that he has to say he is in love "Ewww gross mummy!"



This week....

I am so tired. It's been a tough couple of weeks.  Had my tooth out on Tuesday under conscious sedation and feeling achy but ok. Still tussling with Dan and his tantrums but we've found a system that works (the time out step) and the frequency is definitely less. Work is a bit like walking on eggshells at the moment and that is unlikely to change but sticking with it and seeing how we go. Loving Strictly but particularly Susanna Reid.


Bets is now walking about and Dan is getting a hint of how annoying a little sister can be but he is incredibly loving and gentle with her. We had his parents evening and all is going well. Getting him into the routine of homework has been challenging and he seems to have lost his enthusiasm for reading but he does randomly read things that I don't expect him too and words I don't expect him to so I'm not worrying.  His teacher is lovely and said she was concerned about his friendship choices, he tends to choose people to work with who distract him which I've known about since Reception but not sure what I can do about it as it's something that happens at school and at not at home.

Finally I shall inflict some photos on you.


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catch up

Dan got invested as a Beaver Scout. Said his promise so sincerely. Melted my cynical heart.


Betsy turned 1 last week. I've had an amazing and brilliant year with her. May there be many more.


Discovered that a very eminent and wrll respected barrister "thinks a great deal of me". *blushes happily*


Can't get into Atlantis. I have tried but it's not happening.


Life is.good.


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